Villa Real - For Sustainable Construction

Villa Real Ltd/SA was established 1987. We offer engineering and consulting services to the international clientele of the Construction and Real Estate Cluster - CREC:

  • On technological, economic and sustainability topics in general
  • Post Occupation Evaluation – POE using the BUS method licensed from the UK
  • Advanced Total LCC RealTM services for investors, developers, designers, contractors and users, (1) to monetarise externalities and intangibles (occupational, mobility, environmental and societal impacts) and (2) utilising the newest science and software to replace deterministic singular values for costs and performance with a probabilistic approach
  • Advance energy efficiency towards zero heating energy houses, in the stages 4...5 of the RTD&IDC chain
    "research -> technological development -> innovation -> demonstration -> commercialisation".
  • We publish reports, analyses and other publications, available in our Online Bookshop

The company has wide international experience in construction, engineering and business development and related RTD&IDC: project management; total building and renovation concepts; component system building; materials & processing; building components manufacture including automation, robotics and information technologies; total sustainability including LCA and LCC considerations; benchmarking; technology assessment, watch and foresight.

Villa Real's clients include several leading European contractors, Shimizu Corp. Japan, Singapore Ministry of National Development, the European Commission, and numerous European, Nordic and Finnish CREC organisations. Mr Tupamäki is the sole owner of Villa Real, which belongs to the highest class in the Dun & Bradstreet credit rating classification AAA®, which is achieved only by 3.9% of all companies in Finland.

Olavi Tupamäki, MSc in Civil Engineering, has worked 17 years outside of his home country Finland, in Vietnam, Nigeria, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Europe as Managing Director / General Manager of leading Finnish origin construction enterprises. Plus 5 years as Chairman of Robotic Technology Systems Plc, an Anglo-American IT & robotics integrator, a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange main list.

Olavi was Chairman of FutureConstruct®, an initiative supported by leading European CREC companies to advance the competitiveness of the European construction industries through RTD&IDC. For two years he was Secretary-General of ENCORD, European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development, established by leading European CREC enterprises.

He was Network Adviser to TRA EFCT, Targeted Research Action on Environmentally Friendly Construction Technologies, a 5-year project established by the European Commission.

Olavi was an important member of the EC DG Enterprise's working group Sustainable Construction, and its task group TG4 to promote the use of life cycle costing - LCC aimed at improving the sustainability of the built environment. The outcome report Life Cycle Costs in Construction is the starting point towards an EU directive on the use of LCC within CREC. He also has contributed greatly to the ongoing work towards ISO 15686 Buildings and constructed assets - Service life planning - Part 5: Life cycle costing.

Olavi is the originator of EuroLifeForm, an important European RTD project to develop a model for LCC and Probabilistics - LCCP, in a software format, to replace deterministic values for costs and performance with a probabilistic approach. In this project covering seven EU states and totalling 3.8 MEUR in 2001-06, Villa Real was a major partner contractor.

Today Olavi is finalising his PhD dissertation titled Total LCC and Sustainable Construction in the Helsinki University of Technology [LCC = Life Cycle Costing].

Mr Tupamäki's particular interests at the present are as follows:

  • Strategies in the international Construction and Real Estate Cluster - CREC
  • Sustainable development in economic, environmental and societal domains
  • Total LCC and sustainable construction; new scientific approach and a new software package Total LCC RealTM soon available
  • IT & robotics; a software package Total LCC RealTM with probabilistics soon available

In his younger years, Mr Tupamäki was a Member of the Parliament for two periods in Finland. In 1999 he was also a candidate for the European Parliament, appointed by the National Coalition Party (the Conservative Party) of Finland.

Olavi is a member of The Global Alliance for Building Sustainability (GABS), International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE), International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), and other international and national associations.

Olavi's hobbies are motor-sports and classic cars and people's music.